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Workplace Harassment,  Prevention, & Investigations

We provide education on recognizing different types of harassment and violence, establishing clear reporting procedures, and promoting a culture of accountability and respect among employees.

We offer confidential channels for reporting incidents, counseling or support for affected individuals, and guidance for management on handling complaints effectively and impartially. 

We value a healthy workplace free of harassment and violence.

Workplace Harassment & Investigations

From formal employee complaints to potentially business threatening situations, workplace investigations require full HR expertise. We manage the full investigation process and work to restore security and business sustainability.


Workplace Violence & Prevention

Workplace violence should be avoided at all costs and prevention is the way. Our experienced professionals can help identify potential threats, mediate situations of conflict, diffuse hostility, and develop a plan for prevention. 


Workplace Mediation & Employee Relations Coaching

Conflict in the workplace is toxic, NEVER fun and, in many cases, requires an experienced mediator. Keep the flames from burning what is at stake when workplace conflicts arise and go unresolved. 

Ultimately, the goal is to create a work environment where all employees feel valued, respected, and safe from any form of mistreatment.

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