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Legal Compliance

Legal compliance will ensure that the organization operates within the boundaries of employment laws and regulations. We explore resolutions and effective policies and processes around employment laws, anti-discrimination laws, wage & hour laws, employee compliance, FLMA, EEO, and employment termination.

Human Resources Management
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

HR Audit & Risk Assessment

Our HR audits and risk assessments processes undertake the evaluation and enhancement practices, policies, and procedures. These processes help identify areas of potential risk, ensure compliance with regulations, and improve overall HR effectiveness.

Do business the thorough way by ensuring legal compliance, effectiveness, and alignment with organizational goals for ultimate business sustainability. Call it an ‘HR tune-up’.  


FLSA Audit and FMLA Compliance & Tracking

FLSA audits and compliance tracking are critical for ensuring that organizations adhere to federal wage and hour laws, avoid legal consequences, and create fair and compliant workplaces. 

Our FLSA audits help organizations proactively identify and rectify compliance issues, reducing the risk of legal actions, penalties, and back pay claims.

Our compliance tracking helps organizations maintain ongoing compliance, reduce the risk of FLSA violations, and respond promptly to any changes in regulations or business practices.


Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance & Reporting

EEO compliance and reporting are essential for creating inclusive workplaces, preventing discrimination, and fulfilling legal obligations. Our HR professionals play a key role in implementing policies, conducting regular audits, and submitting accurate reports to ensure ongoing EEO compliance. These reporting processes help organizations track their progress in promoting diversity, identifying potential areas of concern, and fulfilling legal obligations. They also provide workforce composition transparency and accountability.

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