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Compensation Plans & Design

 It costs up to 150% of an employee’s salary to replace them should they leave for, say, a competitor. This could be over $100,000 in some cases.


Stay competitive and plan for retention, not turnover. Ensure your employees are paid equitably and your compensation policies are aligned with comparable market data.

Our expert consultants unravel the complication with our customized compensation plan design options that help maintain equity, employee loyalty, and business viability.

 Compensation Plans and Market Studies

Compensation Plans and Market Studies

Determining appropriate pay levels for employees is essential to the success, sustainability and competitiveness of your business. Attract and retain talent, motivate employee performance, align with organizational goals, and ensure fairness , equity, and sustainability. 

Our Market Studies position our clients competitively in the job market. Budget planning, talent acquisition and recruitment, and adapting to economic changes are all part of our strategic decision-making process.  


Job Evaluation, Analysis, & Classification

We ensure your company maintains an equitable compensation system through job evaluation, analysis, and classification. Determine which positions and responsibilities are similar when considering pay, promotions, transfers, and assigned work. Settle compensation issues and inequities with appropriate salary and pay grades. Develop job descriptions, specifications, competencies, performance standards, and a comprehensive performance management system.


Create career potential and assure that career paths and succession planning are transparent and are provided with equal opportunity. 


Performance Management Programs

We develop an efficient performance management program that fits your business. Boost employee engagement, productivity, and maximize ROI. Attract and retain key employees and improve your overall business performance. Navigate employee development, team development, and succession planning with precision and confidence.


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