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HR has a significant impact on the financial health and performance of a company. It directly ties to financial aspects such as labor costs, talent management, compliance, and overall organizational performance. We take a collaborative approach with CFOs that contributes to the overall financial health and success of the company.

Labor costs, employee turnover costs, and strategic budgeting.

We play a crucial role in managing labor costs, including salaries, benefits, and other compensation-related expenses. Our services assist CFOs with strategic insights from HR perspective that effectively budget for labor-related expenses and ensure financial sustainability.

High employee turnover is extremely costly for a company given costs in recruitment, training, and even hidden costs like lost productivity and engagement. CFOs should understand the financial impact of turnover and work with HR to implement best practice strategies for retention.

As CFO you are always concerned about the long-term financial health of the organization, we play a crucial role in succession planning and leadership development. More often, people leave managers- not jobs. Ensuring a pipeline of capable leaders is critical for ensuring a positive impact on the company's stability and growth.

Succession planning, leadership development, employee productivity, and ROI.

Our HR employee productivity initiatives are fiscally aimed at employee engagement, training, and development to directly impact workforce productivity. As CFOs looking for ROI our HR programs ensure that resources are efficiently allocated to support workforce growth and development.

Compliance and legal risks; Employee Benefits and insurance costs

We ensure sound compliance with labor laws and regulations, no matter what state. As CFO, being hyper-aware of any legal risks to the company is always a concern. Avoid non-compliance and other legal exposures associated with unstable labor practices that can lead to financial penalties and reputational damage. 

We help you navigate and manage the maze of employee benefits and insurance programs. CFOs understand the financial implications of these benefits, including healthcare costs, and make informed decisions about benefits packages and overall compensation.

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