Open Letter to the Business Community

Celebrating 20 years of service

My story begins as an 8-year old watching her father manage employees, prepare payroll, plan work travel and meet with the official-looking man in a grey flannel suit who collected monthly life insurance premiums. I loved the smell of ledger books and the scribe of neatly recorded penmanship. I watched my mother organize and manage the household with such love, discipline, and problem-solving ability. I soon rounded up my younger sisters and brothers, formed a ‘kids’ company’ taking over the back porch with all sorts of projects. We sold lemonade, ran errands, and performed household chores no one else wanted to touch. Through it all, there was an underlying drive to do more. I had learned at an early age that purpose and goals were important. I learned autonomy and how to be flexible. I learned how to be responsible and contribute to the greater whole. Most valuable was our child-like nature to be open-minded, and transparent. The big lesson was listening to understand what our neighborhood ‘customers’ wanted so that we could deliver our best through ideas and innovation. For this we were rewarded with gratitude, and importantly--nickels, dimes and, sometimes quarters.

Little did I realize that these same principles hold true today. As subject-matter experts in human resources we reaffirm our beliefs in the gifts and abilities of every human being. To that end we have transcended the stereotypical paradigms of generations and our Team presents every age group. We have succeeded in taking the wise learned-experience of ‘Boomers’ and the new thought leadership of our ‘Zoomer’s, to create the best of both worlds. We then share our success with organizations and the people within them.

At Spectrum HR Solutions, we have taken professional oaths that our practice demands—to not tolerate prejudice, bias, discrimination, or injustice. We have risen above the ‘noise’ and embraced the gifted talents of people regardless of skin color, culture, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disabilities, religious beliefs, economic and educational background. It's good business, good for our communities and good for all generations.

We invite you to read our Values Statement. We take care of each other so that we can take care of you. In turn you succeed beyond measure.


Brenda McChriston, CEO Spectrum HR Solutions