What Clients Are Saying About Us

President and Chairman of the Board
“Spectrum HR did an exceptional job with our association’s 360 process. They were thorough and did a great job of navigating our team through the process and delivering great products and recommendations. I would highly recommend Spectrum to others.”
Director of Human Resources
“They were very flexible and the communication was stellar. The time, quality, and quantity that A2LA received from Spectrum HR was immense. They put in a lot of effort and it shows. The report was detailed and thorough enough for me to have a clear action plan and progression. We even got additional recommendations for areas outside of the scope to help us to improve in the years to come. On a personal note, it was really nice to work closely with other HR professionals in the office, especially ones as nice as Karen and Brenda. This will be an experience that I will remember for years to come and will certainly keep Spectrum HR Solutions in the forefront of my mind for my own future projects and/or recommend Spectrum to others looking for HR Solutions in their own organizations.”
Vice President Diversity Inclusion
“I have been working with Brenda McChriston and Spectrum HR for almost two years. Insisting that Towne Park secure a “diversity coach” was one of the smartest decisions I made when appointed to my new role. I appreciate the open minds, attention to detail, expertise, honesty, and genuine care and concern for our company that I feel when working with Brenda McChriston and Spectrum HR Solutions partners. It is so comforting to know we can really trust the work and advice from our consultants at Spectrum HR. Thank you!”
Executive Administration Manager
“She brought a very human side to the HR department. Oftentimes, there is a conflict between HR team and employees; that they do not feel like HR is working on their behalf.   Brenda has a gift of understanding a company’s culture, and asking people what their needs are, establishing trust, all while balancing management’s needs.  HR is complex, and Brenda has an amazing way of understanding all sides and creating a solution.

I would absolutely work with her again, and without a doubt, I would refer her to others.”

former Chief Financial Officer
“There were some items that needed serious attention as soon as the Spectrum HR Solutions team came on board.  They jumped right in and were able to handle [those issues] efficiently and effectively.  The team made the employees feel they were represented in a way that benefitted their well-being.  [The] staff are happy with the new level of interaction with HR.  [The Spectrum] consultant is resourceful and readily available to meet employee needs.  The team is working hard to make sure we are staying compliant.”
former Director of HR
“They couldn’t have done anything differently, and exceeded all my expectations.  They definitely went above and beyond.  Brenda is just awesome!  She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and has great background and experience.  She’s on the ball, responsive, meets her commitments, does what she says she’s going to do – I had no issues.”
Director of Human Resources
“We worked with Spectrum HR Solutions on a compensation market study, and they were very professional, very thorough, and their response time was great.  They were very knowledgeable on dealing with benefits and compensation, and I had confidence knowing that they were going to give me the right answers because of the depth of their knowledge.  I had no problems at all, and I’d recommend them highly.”
former President and CEO
“Using consultants can be a risky endeavor that sometimes yields results less than anticipated. The services provided by Spectrum HR Solutions exceeded my expectations and provided a platform for sales and profits to be achieved at 100% in a year of consolidation.

“Quite quickly we viewed Brenda McChriston as a full-time employee rather than a member of a consulting service. She introduced many new concepts to the company in an effort to take the company to a new level of effectiveness and efficiency.

“The introduction of sales training and executive skills training in particular were very helpful in improving the competencies of the corporate personnel, i.e. roadmap, presentation skills, and formalized sales training.

“Under the circumstances of a new product launch, a company consolidation, a new Supply Chain provided, and a new computer system (SAP) being conducted during the period, the company would not have prospered and achieved its goals without the support provided by Brenda McChriston.  Virtually there could have been no improvements on the stellar work that was provided.”